New for The Forge World Store

With the only Forge World shop in the world at your feet, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post (or pay for delivery!) Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…


New releases

The Forge World Store has ready for pre-order this week ROBOUTE GUILLIMAN – PRIMARCH OF THE ULTRAMARINES. Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion and Master of the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar, Roboute Guilliman is an indefatigable warrior, consummate tactician and statesman without parallel. He has forged the XIIIth Legion to be a disciplined and deadly force; one which fights with seamless tactical integration.


His mastery of strategy makes him not only an skilled commander, but also a lethal combatant. An expert in the arts of war, Guilliman possesses a vast selection of weapons and wargear. The most iconic of which include the Hand of Dominion, a unique power gauntlet, the Gladius Incandor, a shimmering blade of great artifice and the Arbitrator, a customised combi-bolter.

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. This complete multi-part resin kit is supplied with a 40mm gaming base, which slots into a 60mm scenic diorama base for display. This kit is available for pre-order today for despatch from Friday 26th June.


If you’re looking to really make your friends green with envy, then our Forge World exclusives are the perfect treat. Each of our exclusives are ONLY available at our Forge World Store here within Warhammer World. We have glorious golden pin badges, t-shirts, Mugs and Canvas Bags featuring a variety of designs (including the schematics for the Warlord Titan). Plus (yes, there’s more!) we have 6 exclusive art prints for you to add to your ultimate hobby rooms.


Whatever you are planning to add to your collections next, we will have it here the same day if we do not have it on our shelves (and we have a lot of shelves). Order by 3pm and we will have your wish list ready for 5pm that day. Alternatively we can also provide free shipping Internationally!

Make sure you head to Warhammer World this week to enjoy our amazing Forge World Store, or pre-order any of the releases due to reach us on Saturday 27th June. We also have a limited number of tickets for upcoming events here at Warhammer World, including the Golden Demon Tanks event, so don’t miss out and buy your tickets now. See you there!