Battle Brothers: Gods of War UPDATE!

Greetings hobbyists! It’s the Warhammer World Events Team here, coming to you with some hot off the press changes to our Battle Brothers: Gods of War event. We felt that while it was pretty awesome to get a unit of absolutely nails-hard characters to run around the battlefield knocking the snot out of their enemies, we also decided that a few additions to add some spice would be fun and exciting for everyone.

We are choosing to give all players and teams a few more options regarding what they could take, add in a few more awards to encourage everyone to play in the spirit of the event and finally some tertiary missions to add to the unique nature of the games.

There is also plenty of time to get involved in this war between the gods, so if you fancy coming along the basics of the event are here and tickets are available here.

So without further ado, take a look at the updates here  (or just read them below) and prepare to enter the halls of legend with every blow struck against your enemies!

Battle Brothers: Gods of War official updates:

Army Selection and Rules Updates:Space Wolves Artwork-1

  • Each Player may take one Independent Character for free in their army.
  • All Infantry HQ choice models gain ‘Objective Secured’.
  • Your Warlord has the “God of War” rule if it is unit type Infantry (Including Jump/Jet Infantry – and remember, each player may take a Warlord if they wish):

Special Rule: God of War

 This character has seen, and quite likely killed, every imaginable foe the galaxy has to offer. No longer content with carving a bloody and gore spattered path through the ranks of faceless infantry and common soldiery, this character wishes to prove himself on the battlefield against the very best his enemy has to offer.

Your God of War gains the rule “Preferred Enemy – Characters”, Feel No Pain (5+) and once per game may choose to use the Smash rule.


When you register for the weekend, we will ask you to choose a faction. You may choose from Dark Eldar Artworkany of the following four:

Carnage: This group of warriors are bloodthirsty and fuelled by a quest for martial perfection.

Excess: Giving in to primal emotions, these fighters have no regard for anything other than the pleasure of battle.

 Decay: Given over to the inevitable result of war, death and tragedy stalk the heels of this Faction’s chosen.

Mayhem: Carefree yet lethal, these armies have no true goal, but rather wish to enjoy the havoc that follows from armed conflict.

What Faction you choose will determine where your Victory Points go at the end of the event to determinate which Faction has won overall. We will be taking the total Victory Points scored by each Faction and multiplying it by their total Favourite Game Votes. Whichever Faction has the highest total shall receive our “Gods of War” award.

Tertiary Missions:

At Battle Brothers: Gods of War we will be giving you an extra way to gain Victory Points to DG382C ELDAR AVATAR CRAFTWhelp your chosen faction claim victory. Each game will have a different tertiary mission, as listed below.

  • Game 1: When you win a challenge with an Independent Character, score a Victory Point.
  • Game 2: When you win a challenge against  an Independent Character, score D3 Victory Points.
  • Game 3: If an Independent Character completes a Tactical Objective, score a extra Victory Point. (Note: the Independent Character has to be actively involved in some meaningful way).
  • Game 4: Secondary Missions are worth an extra Victory Point if they are achieved with an Independent Character.
  • Game5: When an Independent Character destroys a unit alone, score a Victory Point.

Extra awards:

10 prints-----Raymond Swanland_SM_Codex_cover_A3Godslayers: If any team’s Infantry HQ slays a Gargantuan Creature or Super Heavy Vehicle then we will award that team the “Godslayers” award.

Godbreakers: If you win over twenty challenges over the weekend, then your team will receive the “Godbreakers” award.

Best Army: Honourable Mentions: To the players who made it to the staff shortlist of those to be nominated for Best Army.

Winning Faction/Gods of War: This award will go to every member of the winning Faction.