A storm breaks in the Black Library Store…

The Age of Sigmar starts quite literally with a Crack of thunder (and lots of lightning) in The Gates of Azyr

New Releases

Follow the heroes of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar boxed game as Vandus Hammerhand leads his Stormhost in a dangerous and daring quest to take the Gates of Azyr.  Both the Stormhost and Goretide come to life as you learn of their motivations and the dynamic personalities that lead them into battle.


The Gates of Azyr Novella starts to explore the Realm of Fire, specifically focussing on the Igneous delta, a volcanic wasteland wherein forces of Chaos prey on the weak.

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The Black Library Store also has The Gate sof Azyr Novella available in the individually numbered limited edition format featuring a dust jacket, foil cover, a ribbon page marker and a colour section with artwork and background details on the characters.


The highlight of any collection is of course those rare limited edition prints, each individually numbered, printed with exquisite details and art not available anywhere else. At Warhammer World we are proud to stock a selection of limited prints. From today you will be able to gaze upon our new art prints themed around Age of Sigmar! These prints are limited and are available in a range of sizes.

But wait…there’s more! We also have in stock the last few remaining End Times art prints, including The curse of Khaine print and The rise of the Horned rat print, with fewer than 10 of each left.


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