Age of Sigmar and Event News!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend

The first opportunity for you to enjoy a Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming event at Warhammer World!

This scenario driven weekend will pit you and your collection against other Warhammer generals, fielding amazing miniatures in dramatic battles. We’ll be revealing more soon, so watch out for updates and make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter.

Sept 19th & 20th

Event pack: Coming soon.

Tickets available July 20th.

buy ticket ButtonOf course we have plenty of gaming events between now and September, so if you can’t wait, here are some highlights you can join us for…

July 18th & 19th

Throne of Skulls Warhammer 40,000: Steel Fury

Throne of Skulls is designed for everyone to come and play, be you a battle-worn veteran, or a new recruit. The focus at our events is on camaraderie and enjoyment. Check out the exiting additional content for this event… don’t miss out on making your tanks that bit better! Find out more.

Aug 8th & 9th

Battle Brothers Warhammer 40,000: Gods of War

Join with your most trusted ally and march together into the fires of war at Battle Brothers, our fantastic doubles events. There are now also exciting new updates to this event, that any war-god would approve of! Find out more.

Aug 22nd & 23rd

Campaign Weekend Warhammer 40,000: Inquisition Wars

Our Campaign Weekends offer something truly different to other gaming experiences. Help bring the stories behind our games to life as you carve out your destiny, and become a legendary hero in the space of a weekend!  Find out more.