Black Library Store: Exclusives

With the only Black Library shop in the world within your grasp, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post. Featured in this store are books for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy including limited editions, graphic novels, art prints, and more! It is here you can listen to the latest audios using our I-pad stations, and grab hold of all the latest additions for your collections. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…


The highlight of any collection is of course those rare limited edition prints, each individually numbered, printed with exquisite details and art not available anywhere else. At Warhammer World we are proud to stock a selection of limited prints within our Black Library store, Black Library Store exclusives, along with limited edition books which are no longer available on the Black Library Website. Here are just a few of the cool things you can find in our hallowed book cases….

The Horus Heresy.  Meduson

The Warhammer World Exclusive anthology features Nine new short stories following the shattered legions in the fallout of the horrors of Isstvan V.


Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan. First Edition.

This special edition is not only a rip roaring tale of Asurmen, hero of the Eldar, but also explains how the Dire Avengers were founded! The First Edition format features a foil dust jacket, colour section and is individually numbered in its limited run of 1000.


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Gates of Azyr.

Special Edition.

This special edition of the Gates of Azyr is individually numbered in its limited run and features an embossed dust jacket, a page marker ribbon and a metallic golden edging to the pages.


The Sabbat Crusade. Special Edition.

This week we still have a handful of copies of ‘The Sabbat Crusade: special edition. This collectable edition features all the content from the hardback but with the added bonus of a hardback camouflaged slipcase with Tanith iconography, a unique colour internal section featuring characters’ from the anthology, black edged pages with a matching satin marker ribbon and the expansive Sabbat Crusade background material which has been out of print for a year, this is essential reading for any fan of Gaunt’s Ghosts.

Make sure you head to Warhammer World this week to enjoy our fantastic Black Library store. We also have a limited number of tickets for upcoming events here at Warhammer World, including the Golden Demon Tanks event, so don’t miss out and buy your tickets now. See you there!