Throne of Skulls: Steel Fury Review

Steve Glossner’s Onager Dunecrawlers walk into battle

Tanks a lot!

Once more, the Warhammer World  Events Hall has fallen to an eerie silence.. the rumble of huge armoured tanks and the impact of a thousand power armoured boots can no longer be heard; a stark contrast to the weekend just gone… as 70 players came together to unleash terrifying weapons of war upon each other at Throne of Skulls: Steel Fury.

Andy Keddie’s Tau Riptide looks to claim it’s next Tank Kill.

The theme this time was all about the tanks and vehicles of Warhammer 40,000. Players had the option of upgrading all their vehicles and each table was themed around a famous tank battle from the past, giving it special rules, unique to that board. Players lined up against random opponents to fight Maelstrom of War missions, and the result was some very unpredictable games indeed!

The warriors of Knight Commander Pask’s Armoured Assault celebrate their victory.

All the players were divided up into Factions depending on the armies they had brought to them. They could choose to join the Space Marines, led by Sgt. Chronus, the Imperials led by Knight Commander Pask, the Aliens of Longstrike or the Chaos forces of Princeps Mikal. It would be a struggle for the greater glory of the Factions as well as individual honours. In the end, it was the Imperial Faction who won through the day, earning the most Favourite Game votes on average!

Best Army Competition

As always at Throne of Skulls, the standard of hobby on display was absolutely top notch. Check out the gallery below to see the models from the armies selected by the staff for the Best Army award and be in awe, as we were!


The Legends Painting Competition allowed our players to show off their brush skills with individual models rather than a whole army. Once again, the winners were most worthy indeed- check out the winning entries below..

Honour and Glory

At the end of the weekend, it was time to hand out the certificates and trophies to the lucky recipients. At Throne of Skulls, we like to award every aspect of the hobby, and this weekend, there was a chance to win some special themed awards too. Check out the gallery of all the heroic winners!

Final Results

If you would like to see how the players did over the weekend, you can download a full set of the results by clicking this link: Steel Fury Final Results

That’s all from us this time- huge thanks to all the players who came and enjoyed the weekend with us – it was a blast from start to finish. There are plenty more events coming very soon, so keep your eyes on this website for all details of future dates. But until then, thanks all – we’ll see you next time!

The Warhammer World Events Team