Black Library Store: A graphic account…

With the only Black Library shop in the world within your grasp, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post. Featured in this store are books for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy including limited editions, graphic novels, art prints, and more! It is here you can listen to the latest audios using our iPad stations, and grab hold of all the latest additions for your collections. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…

pod-titan-3 pod-titan-1 pod-titan-2

The Black Library store has a range of Warhammer graphic novels available to purchase straight off the shelf. What isn’t great about a graphic novel? Every page is covered with intricate art, and fast paced action, a very different experience to your usual story reading. Here are just a few of the graphic novels you can find in our sanctified book cases….


Following the adventures of the crew of the Warlord Class Titan, Imperius Dictatio. Titan is an adventure involving danger, an Imperial trial, some Eldar and a whole lot of Chaos.  Also included in this suitably titanic tome is a story in which the characters, instead of being in the 40k universe, are set in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe of the ‘World that was’ manning a massive Imperial Steam Tank!


Inquisitor Ascendant

This tale follows the Inquisitor Defay and his young apprentice, Gravier to the seedy underbelly of the planet Nicodemus where disturbing forces are at work.  The tale follows them in their investigations and chronicles the rise of a dangerous new power in the imperium.


Lone Wolves

This hardback graphic novel delves into the war for Shadrac, an imperial world beset by Tyranids.  With all but one pocket of resistance broken the Tyranids look set to consume the world, but not if the Space Wolves have anything to do with it.

Lone Wolf_06

Deff Sqwadron

Nope that is not spelt wrong, it’s spelt in Orkish.  This Graphic novel collects the (mis)adventures of the Ork Bomber Wing Deff Sqwadron.  Set on the world Armageddon, the Orks have started in-fighting and the Sqwadron’s Warboss wants to do away with a rival.  Suitably crazy violence ensues with plenty of explosions and just enough irreverent humour in this brilliantly fun look at Orkish society, its battle tactics (or lack thereof) and the utter belief that ‘Red ‘unz go fasta’

pod-deff-skwadron-2 pod-deff-skwadron-3pod-deff-skwadron-1

Make sure you head to Warhammer World this week to enjoy our fantastic Black Library store. We also have a limited number of tickets for upcoming events here at Warhammer World, including the Golden Demon Tanks event, so don’t miss out and buy your tickets now. See you there!