Age of Sigmar: The Battle for the Realmgates – what should I bring?

Greetings warriors, hail and well met.

As we eagerly await the imminent arrival of the full events pack for our Age of Sigmar LiberatorCampaign Weekend, we thought it would be good to whet your appetite with a few details of how the weekend will plan out so you can start making plans about what to bring.

The main question on everyone’s lips is: “What do I bring?” so we thought it would be a good idea to cover how you might go about deciding what mighty warriors to bring with you.

To begin with, you will be playing five games over the weekend, at two and a half hours each.

The amount of time you have to play the game is the only real restriction so bring whatever you think would get you a great game in that time.

We recommend bringing a wide variety of units, as there will be an equally wide variety of missions to play, based on how the weekend is going!

RS026_AgeofSigmarBox copy

This weekend is completely focussed on playing games in a fun and friendly manner – our objective is to enjoy Warhammer at it’s best – players chatting, having a great time and a narrative theme to drive the objectives of each game. Don’t worry about what you bring too much – just aim to bring things you and your opponent will enjoy playing with and against and you won’t go far wrong. Not to mention that we will be throwing so much extra randomness into the mix that winning should be a low priority – just kick back and enjoy the ride!

That’s all for now but there will be more to come over next week – tune in Monday for our next update as we go over the background of where you are fighting and how wars in the Realm of Shadow will differ from the Realm of Metal, Fire and all the rest!

See you soon,

The Warhammer World Events Team