Throne of Skulls: The Horus Heresy

81Cwhh5b6CLYup you heard right – Warhammer World is running the very first Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls. Prepare yourselves for a weekend of fun gaming exclusively in the brutal Age of Darkness where the galaxy burned (that’s the 31st millenium by the way – a lot has changed in 10,000 years!). With additional tweaks to the Maelstrom of War rules to reflect the fighting prowess of the Legions, extra Tactical Objectives, Factions and much more, this weekend is certainly not to be missed.

Check out the details here and get your tickets here from Monday the 3rd of August (that’s two days away so make sure to get those tickets ASAP as they are sure to vanish!).

The Warhammer World Events Team