The Battle for the Realmgates: The Eight Realms II

Hail and well met warriors! Today we continue the review one of the major features of our upcoming Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend – The Battle for the Realmgates, namely the Mortal Realms and what effect playing in them will have on your games.

Earlier in the week we showed of the Realms of Life, Death and Beasts (click here to read) and today we are covering the rest.

So without further ado, here they are!Warhammer-Firebelly1

Aqshy, the Realm of Fire:

The burning wrath of this realm empowers your troops with a bloodthirst that can only be quenched in the blood of your enemies.

If you are wearing the colours red, orange or yellow, once per game during the Hero Phase choose a unit. That unit may re-roll failed rolls to hit this combat phase.

7977483_f520Hysh, the Realm of Light:

If you command the power of light, warriors gain lightning speed and can leave even trained and veteran warriors surprised and wrong footed at a moment’s notice.

Once per game the Realm of Light allows you to choose which models fight first in a chosen combat phase if you can shine a light on the unit in question.


Chamon, the Realm of Metal:m160005a_99120202016_EmpWizards1_873x627

Strong eldritch forces inflict themselves on warriors fighting in Realm of Chamon. For those with the will to master it, Metal is a stalwart yet mutable ally.

If your models are made of metal, they may re-roll 1’s on their saves. If they are not, they may move an extra 1”.

DG513C Dark ShadowsUlgu, the Realm of Shadows:

Stare not into the Abyss, lest the Abyss summon forth a legion of warriors laden with dark and malevolent weaponry to wipe your forces from the face of reality.

If your models are fighting in the shadow of other, larger models, then they gain +1 to their Wound rolls.


That’s all for now, but next week we will have a new update which details the first scenario you will be playing at the weekend to give you an idea of how the games will work.

If you want to know more check out the main page for the Campaign here and tickets are available here!

See you soon,

The Warhammer World Events Team