New to see in the Exhibition

New miniatures and changed displays, right through to new diorama boards, the Exhibition Centre here at Warhammer World doesn’t stay the same for long!

It’s a great time to visit if you’re yet to experience the 4 Exhibition areas and Special Exhibition, or to make a return trip if you visited when we first opened.

StormCast Eternals Lord CastellantThe battle rages on…

As new miniatures have been released for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the impressive diorama in our Special Exhibition has gained new vignettes; our studio team have been quietly gluing on extra miniatures each week! If you saw the battle when the exhibition first opened, can you spot the new additions now?

FirebellyA Convocation of Wizards.

Magic users from across the Warhammer races have been gathered together in a beautiful showcase of miniatures. Rearing dragons, Daemonic entities and skilled mortals share a single cabinet to let you admire the poses and detail which make these miniatures so iconic.

Corbax Utterblight Daemon Prince of the RuinstormThe Horus Heresy Character series grows.

The Daemon Princes of the Ruinstorm have joined the display of special characters from the Horus Heresy, and this collection of fantastic models is a sight not to miss. With the Primarchs on rotating plinths, you can soak up all of the character sculpted into these miniatures.

UK_GD_2014_C3_DW30_2 smallerBefore they go, don’t miss…

Take this special chance to see award winning painting from our annual painting competition, in the inspiring Golden Demon Winners’ Display.

Find out more about the display, open until August 28th, here.

Blog sticky image age of sigmar bridge

In mid-September the Warhammer Age of Sigmar diorama will replace one of the Warhammer dioramas currently on display.

This is the first in a series of diorama changes, as we plan to give you something new and exciting every few months!