Citadel Store: Quest for Ghal Maraz

On your arrival here at Warhammer World, you are first welcomed by our Warhammer World Staff in the Citadel Store. Featured in this store is the entrance to the mind-blowing exhibition areas and exclusive products that are not sold anywhere else, including products no longer available through our web-store. It is here you can also grab hold of all the latest miniatures for your collections, plus items that aren’t usually stocked in your local stores. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…

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New Releases

This week in the Citadel store we have the new Numinous Occulum, Dragonfate Dais, Forest Spirit Warhost, and the Stormcast Eternals Paladins.

Also coming on Saturday 15th August, and available for pre-order now is The Realmgate Wars: Quest for Ghal Maraz, and the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers. Khorne’s Bloodreavers are howling, brutal cannibals, their numbers swollen by defeated foes who bend their knee to Khorne to avoid being eaten by his rabid followers. Ever-hungry for war and mindless slaughter, they are a dire threat to the Mortal Realms.

You can pre-order these essential additions to your collections in store at Warhammer World now, which will be ready for you to collect on Saturday 15th August (beating the queues).

Experience the Age of Sigmar

Our Warhammer World staff are on hand to answer all your questions and even take you through your first game of Age of Sigmar. Not only this, but the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Exhibition adds a whole room of new content to your experience at our Exhibition which you can read about by clicking here.

For an age, Ghal Maraz, almighty hammer of the God-King Sigmar, has been lost. But in the realm of Fire, the Stormcast Eternals have learned of its whereabouts. The war for the Realmgates has entered a new phase: the hunt for the Hammer of Sigmar has begun! Join in by picking up The Realmgate Wars: Quest for Ghal Maraz. Do you seek to reach it? To claim the Hammer of the Stars? Pre-order yours today.

Armies on Parade

What could be better than taking the opportunity to display your collection in the heart of Warhammer World? That’s what we thought! Visit us on October 24th and enter Armies on Parade, displaying your collections and meeting fellow hobbyists, not to mention seeing displays created by our talented studio members. Reserve yourself a space today by calling the Citadel store on 0115 900 4151. See you there!

Jay Clare's Salamanders
Jay Clare’s Salamanders


imperial knight bugmans Artwork-1Exclusives

Available for a limited time only, we have in stock Warhammer World Exclusive merchandise, including the last few remaining art prints. To get your hands on some of this exclusive merchandise before they are sold out, pop into the store today.

Make sure you head to Warhammer World this week to enjoy these amazing new releases, or pre-order any of the releases due to reach us on Saturday 15th August. We also have a limited number of tickets for upcoming events here at Warhammer World, so don’t miss out and buy your tickets now. See you there!