Warhammer 40,000: The Inquisition Wars

With only 2 weeks to go the time has come to reveal to you the first unique scenario for our upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Weekend: The Inquisition Wars. A story filled narrative gaming event, this weekend is perfect for anyone who takes a relaxed approach to gaming and wants to make sure everyone person they play against has a great time.

So the story will begin with both the Lord bfg-graphicInquisitors arriving at their target destination with every manner of follower in tow. This results in a predictably violent space battle wherein your troops are forced to emergency disembark in their drop pods, spores or daemonically fuelled teleportation rituals as the space borne transports they are on explode in a spectacular fashion.

This means that during the first game, your units will have literally fallen from the sky before the game! The scenario that represents this part of the story is presented below.

Karamazov 1

You might notice that we have left out the success criteria for the mission –  this is because it’s supposed to be a secret from the opposing Faction! Each Faction will have a different way to claim success as both Factions are working towards different yet equally mysterious goals.

Any player that can claim success in this game will recieve a benefit for their next game, not to mention furthering their factions goals, which changes not only how your Faction Leader treats you but also changes the results of the final game.

Each player will receive a copy of their mission prior to the game so you will have these rules on hand.

If you think this event is for you, the event pack can be found here, and tickets are available for a limited time (and are nearly sold out so don’t delay) here.

That’s all for now – see you soon!


The Warhammer World Events Team