The howl of Ragnar!

product-largeThe Black Library store this week is trembling to the howls of the Wolves of Fenris as ‘Ragnar Blackmane Limited Edition‘ hits our shelves!

This amazing limited edition features Ragnar assisting in defence of Cadia from the terrifying forces of Abaddon the Despoiler.  As the battle rages he recalls events that brought him to this time and place and how two adventures brought him into conflict with both the enigmatic Dark Angels and the ferocious Flesh Tearers.  The choices of the past reveal their influence on the present in this brilliant story from Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

ragnar book 2The novel, presented with bespoke artwork on an embossed, soft-touch matte finish hardcover, and luxurious gilt edging 176-page tome, is sure to take pride of place on your bookshelf. The magnetically-closed box features impressive artwork of Ragnar himself, in a glossy finish, with individual numbering from a limited edition of 1,500.  There is not much stock of this edition left so grab it while it’s available!

If you want more from Ragnar Blackmane The Black Library store has ‘The Space Wolf Omnibus‘, a collection of the books of the Ragnar Blackmane series, ‘Space Wolf’, ‘Ragnar’s Claw’ and ‘Grey Hunter’.  ‘The Space Wolf Second Omnibus‘ collects ‘Wolfblade’, ‘Sons Of Fenris’ and ‘Wolf’s Honour’.  Plus there are more Wolves stories in ‘Wolves of Fenris’ and ‘Stormcaller’ and on top of that don’t forget the Horus Heresy Novels ‘A Thousand Sons’ and ‘Prospero Burns’.  There may be “no wolves on Fenris” but there are plenty at The Black Library store!

AngronsMonolithA5HBNovella01Also hitting shelves this week is the Third war for Armageddon novella ‘Angron’s Monolith‘.  In this story the Relictors Chapter of Space Marines marches on the Jungles of the beleaguered world to end a savage Ork menace that threatens to join the forces assaulting the imperial hive cities.  As well as stopping this threat the Relictors however, have another purpose in this mission.  They plan to reclaim a relic left in the jungles by none other than the Deamon Primarch of the World Eaters, Angron! Can they succeed or will they be crushed Beneath the oncoming hordes? Grab this hardback novella to find out!

If that is not enough Apocalyptic battle for you The Black Library store also has ‘Armageddon‘ a compilation in paperback of ‘Helsreach’ and ‘Blood and Fire’.  If the adventures of the Astra Militarum are more to your taste ‘Yarrick: Pyres of Armageddon‘ features Commissar Sebastian Yarrick’s return to the world.

‘Blood and Fire‘ is also available in a hardback novella format along with other Armageddon novellas ‘Dante’s Canyon‘ and ‘The Eternal Crusader‘ and there are even more E-Books and audios set on the blighted world available via