Beating Wings in the Citadel Store

On your arrival here at Warhammer World, you are first welcomed by our Warhammer World Staff in the Citadel Store. Featured in this store is the entrance to the mind-blowing exhibition areas and exclusive products that are not sold anywhere else, including products no longer available through our web-store. It is here you can also grab hold of all the latest miniatures for your collections, plus items that aren’t usually stocked in your local stores. Let’s take a look at what’s new and what you can look forward to…


Descending on a twin-tailed bolt of lightning, the mighty Celestant-Prime is cast into battle to bring Sigmar’s wrath down upon the forces of Chaos. He is righteous vengeance given form, nothing less than a living tempest. Not only does he wield the legendary Ghal Maraz, the Warhammer of Sigmar himself, he also commands the very comets above with the Cometstrike Sceptre. The Avenging Angel of Azyr easily turns the tides of war in Sigmar’s favour with the sheer power that he commands.

Citadel Air

CitadelAirPaintRangeBundle_ProdSlideThis week, we’ve just unveiled the new Citadel Air range, a collection of 51 colours from Abaddon Black to Zandri Dust. These paints are the same colours we all know and love, specially formulated to be used with your airbrush. Along with this wide array of colours are the most essential things any airbrusher needs in their arsenal – the Caste Thinner, which allows you to dilute your paints further for a translucent effect, and the Air Cleaner to keep your airbrush in top condition.

Next week…

Knight-Venator,On Saturday 12th September, the Stormcast Eternal Prosecutors swoop into battle upon wings of blazing light. At the speartip of these swift warriors is the Knight-Azyros, bringing glorious illumination to light the way for Sigmar. Striking from afar is the Knight-Venetor, a fearsome winged hunter accompanied into battle by a Star-Eagle. Also arriving next week are upgrade packs for two of the Stormhosts – the Knights Excelsior and the Celestial Warbringers – so you can pledge your allegiance or even create your own Stormhost! Containing all the information you need to get the most out of your miniatures, Battletome: Stormcast Eternals is your essential guide to the forces of Sigmar. All of these are available for pre-order now, so what are you waiting for – place your order today to guarantee their arrival on the 12th September!

In the Citadel Store we also have a limited number of tickets still available for all the upcoming events, so don’t miss out and grab your place on these exciting event weekends today. See you there!