Forge World Store: Tau Supremacy

With the only Forge World Store in the world at your feet, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post (or pay for delivery!) Let’s find out what we have in store this week.

Tau KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour

This weeks pre order has had many people talking for a long time, first seen at the Forge World Open Day a few months back. Finally the Tau get their very own Gargantuan Creature, the mighty  KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour.


Tau Supremacy armour is larger than any other current class of battlesuit. It is intended to meet a threat that the Tau Empire has not yet prepared for; the defence of worlds within their growing domain from the counter-expansion forces of other races. Lacking the manoeuvrability of other battlesuits, the KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour was designed for static defence, carrying massively destructive, long range weapons.

This kit has to be seen to be believed so why not come check it out in all its glory.

Along with the Ta’unar we also have a vast array of Tau tech from XV9 Battlesuits, the Tau Barracuda, to the XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit here in store for you to buy, so that you have that much needed fire support.

Space Marine Legion Centurion – Last Chance


Don’t forget that the exclusive Legion Centurion is only available until the 30th of September 2015. So make sure when you are here in store to put your order on and make use of our Free home shipping, no matter what the cost.

Tickets for both Warhammer 40,000 Open Days and the Horus Heresy Gaming Events are available here in our Forge World Store. Don’t forget while you are here we also offer you a chance to place your Pre Orders and get free shipping home, or pick them up the following week after release. So why wait? See you soon!