Armies on Parade at Warhammer World

Armies on Parade is our yearly celebration of collecting Citadel miniatures, the perfect opportunity to both show off and admire fantastic personal collections of miniatures.

If you enjoy looking at inventive miniatures with personalised colour schemes and converted touches, or armies meticulously in keeping with their background or specific narratives, you can see both at the Armies on Parade Special Exhibition and on the Parade Day.

Armies on Parade Special Exhibition

September 30th – November 11th

See for yourself over 20 current and previous Armies on Parade displays gathered together from across the country, including some medal winning displays you may know from the pages of White Dwarf and Warhammer Visions. Entry to the Special Exhibition is included in your ticket to the Exhibition Centre.

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Armies on Parade Parade Day

October 24th

Anyone can take part in Armies on Parade. All you need to do is build and paint an army and bring it in to one of our stores on October 24th. It’s that simple! The only restriction is that your army needs to fit in an area no larger than 2′ by 2′. Join us to display your collection of miniatures, or come and admire the entries and vote for your favourite.

Ellen Walker's Empire - Gold winner

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Two great reasons to visit Warhammer World, so start planning your trip now, and perhaps even plan your Armies on Parade entry to join in!