Forge World Store: Honour The God-Machines

With the only Forge World Store in the world at your feet, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post (or pay for delivery!) Let’s find out what we have in store this week.

The God-Machines march to war, their markings and livery standing proud. This week we see five beautiful transfer packs perfect for adding detail to your Warhound, Reaver and Warlord Titans.


Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Apocalypse Missile Launcher

The Apocalypse Missile Launcher is a Titan-class support weapon capable of firing volleys of missiles to saturate a wide target area. The superior elevation and mobility of a Battle Titan as a firing platform makes the Apocalypse launcher a surpassingly flexible weapon. When mounted in pairs on the Mars pattern Warlord Titan, the Apocalypse launcher becomes even more deadly.


Mars Pattern Reaver Titan Limited Time Offer


To help celebrate all things Titan we have an exclusive, limited time offer. Until October the 8th, every fully armed Reaver Titan will receive a free Titan Crew on Foot. Great for making Objective Markers or Dioramas.


Titan Legion Transfer Sheets

No Titan Legion would be complete without its own markings and livery. To make that easier we have five new Titan Transfer sheets from some of the most Iconic Legions; Legio Artarus, Gryphonicus, Fureans, Astorum and the traitorous Legio Mortis.

Now you can adorn your God-Machines with insignia, oaths of moment, kill markings and their heraldry so the enemy knows how death will come.

Tickets for both Warhammer 40,000 Open Days and the Horus Heresy Gaming Events are available here in our Forge World Store. Don’t forget while you are here we also offer you a chance to place your Pre Orders and get free shipping home, or pick them up the following week after release. So why wait? See you soon!