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New Releases


Citadel – Skarbrand


Known as one of Khorne’s greatest champions, Skarbrand’s own lust for blood ultimately proved to be his downfall. He slew innumerable mortals in the name of the Blood God, and was spoken of only in hushed whispers by those remaining. However, his ambition far outstripped his power when he thought to challenge Khorne himself. Stripped of all personality and thought by Khorne’s terrible punishments, physically broken and tattered, Skarbrand is nothing more than a tortured shell filled with pure murderous hate, bound by neither loyalty nor rationality, condemned to slaughter constantly and indiscriminately without goal or purpose – where Skarbrand rages, blood and skulls accrue quickly.


Forgeworld – Legio Mortis Transfer Sheet

Founded long before the birth of the Imperium, the Legio Mortis were among the oldest and most powerful Titan Legions. Falling under the sway of the Warmaster Horus, the Legio Mortis dealt a hammer blow on Isstvan III, scouring Loyalist survivors of the virus bombardment from the battlefield.

Also Available: Legio Fureans, Legio Artarus, Legio Gryphonicus, Legio Astorum Transfer sheets to adorn your warmachine.



Black Library – Grey Knights: Blade of Purity

The Grey Knights face horrors from beyond the veil on a daily basis… so the forces of Nurgle invading their ship is business as usual. But when they board the Blade of Purity, the existential crisis they find is something else altogether as the unthinkable seems to have occurred: a Grey Knight – a thrice-blessed Purifier no less – has fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods…


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Citadel – KV128 Stormsurge


An absolute colossus of a machine, piloted by graduates of the Ves’oni’Vash, the KV128 Stormsurge is designed as an extreme heavy-weapons platform. Not as manoeuvrable as a Riptide, instead relying on thick armour and devastating loadouts, these hulking, squat ballistic suits are capable of changing the course of a battle in seconds with a decisive volley of astonishing firepower. Fitted with thrusters to counter recoil, bristling with pulse weaponry and missile pods, the Stormsurge is the Tau Empire’s Titan-killer.



Forgeworld – Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin

The Volkite Culverin is the most potent man-portable iteration of Volkite technology in use by the Legiones Astartes. Its beam has a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire. The Contemptor pattern Dreadnought’s powerful reactor and load bearing capacity allow it to carry a twin-linked variant of the Volkite Culverin into battle.


product-largeBlack Library – The Wolf King

The Space Wolves were set upon by the forces of the Alpha Legion before they had even recovered from the Razing of Prospero – hounded to the edge of the Alaxxes Nebula, in desperation Leman Russ called out to his primarch brothers for aid. None came. Now, with their fleet stranded and supplies dwindling, the warriors of the Rout face almost certain death amidst the rust-red clouds of the nebula. But what a glorious end it shall be, worthy of the sagas of old, and Alpharius’s sons will soon learn that a cornered wolf is always the most deadly…


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