Citadel Store: Obliterate All Resistance

Upon your arrival here at Warhammer World, you are welcomed first by the Citadel Store. Featured in this store is the entrance to the jaw-dropping Exhibition, our gaming hall housed in the courtyard of an Empire castle, and exclusive access to products not found anywhere else. It is here you can grab the latest miniatures to add to your collections, as well as buy products that you won’t normally find in your local store. Let’s see what you can look forward to this week…

Warhammer 40,000 Open Days Tickets

Open Days
As our much-anticipated Warhammer 40,000 Open Days are only a week away, this week is your last chance to buy your tickets to one (or both!) of these fantastic days.  Whether you’re new to the hobby or a Warhammer veteran, there’s bound to be something for everyone across these two days, including the unmissable Golden Demon – Space Marine on Sunday 18th October. We still have tickets in store but these are going fast, so come down to Warhammer World and reserve your place!

The KV128 Stormsurge

The Stormsurge heralds the Tau’s latest advance in battlefield technology. A product of Earth Caste ingenuity, this ballistic suit is equipped with the Tau’s heaviest weapons to counter the Imperium’s super-heavy Titans. Highly accurate destroyer missiles analyse and punch through the enemy’s weakest points leaving it and its crew vulnerable to lethal bursts of plasma that can tear even the thickest of armour like parchment, leaving the enemy recoiling amid an endless storm.  

Next Week…

At the pinnacle of Tau stealth technology stands the XV95 Ghostkeel battlesuit…but not for long. Designed as a terror weapon, the Ghostkeel lunges from the shadows and darts throughout the enemy’s ranks, sowing confusion and disorder as they desperately try to search for their invisible attacker. What’s more, the suit’s AI ensures that even if the suit is spotted, it’s nigh on impossible to target as it scrambles the enemy’s targeting matrices, sending false readings and confusing code. This inescapable assassin is yours to command from Saturday 17th October, so pre-order it today and beat the Open Day queues on the 17th! 

Here in the Citadel store we also have a wide array of exclusive products still in stock, as well as tickets for all of our upcoming events in October and November. Also coming up from Monday 19th October to Sunday 1st November we have a range of events planned, from campaign days to painting days – places are limited on these exciting events, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your place. We look forward to seeing you soon!