The Horus Heresy: Special Exhibition Nov 14th

titans portraitThe Horus Heresy Special Exhibition

On November 14th we open our greatest Special Exhibition yet, exploring a very popular area of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

At the dawning of the 31st Millennium, the bloody massacres at the Isstvan system heralded the beginning of a galaxy-spanning civil war that would engulf the fledgling Imperium of Mankind…

Celebrate the start of the age of darkness, deceit, treachery and war on an apocalyptic scale known as The Horus Heresy. Explore the setting and initial events through dramatic miniatures, Forge World display tables and evocative art.

  • See fantastically painted armies on loan from their talented painters, including members of the public, Games Workshop staff and members of the Forge World studio.
  • The figures of The Horus Heresy Character Series displayed alongside miniatures from their Legions.
  • Discover the Legions and significant events through informative panels and a timeline created specially for the exhibition.
  • Enjoy Forge World’s Calth and Phall detailed battle dioramas.
  • Contemplate the dramatic action shown in Black Library’s and Forge World’s stunning artwork.

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On show:  Nov 14th – Feb 10th

Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket, which means you can also see the Horus Heresy miniatures and diorama included in the main Exhibition.