Black Library: Farsight Rises!

With the only Black Library shop in the world within your grasp, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post. Featured in this store are books for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy including limited editions, graphic novels, art prints, and more! It is here you can listen to the latest audios using our iPad stations, and grab hold of all the latest additions for your collections. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…

Legends of the Dark Millenium: Farsight

Focus of the novel falls on the mysterious Tau Commander Farsight as he takes up one of his early commands to revel the Orks in the Arkunasha War.
The oxide deserts of Arkunasha are red with spilt blood.  The orks of Waaagh! Dok have invaded en masse, and the besieged tau settlers are on the edge of extinction.  When the famous general O’Shoh arrives to shatter the greenskins at the head of a high-tech army of battlesuits, the tau expect an easy victory, but the battle-hungry orks outnumber the tau four hundred to one, and the planet’s vicious rust storms have a devilish appetite of their own.  Can the rising star of the fire caste solve the riddle of Arkunasha’s haunted past before Dok Toofjaw’s monstrous cyborgs conquer the planet completely?  Check out this fantastic novel to find out the motivations behind Farsight and how he wages war in the dark future.

Farsight Art Print

To accompany the novel the we also have a very limited stock of the Farsight Art print.
The Gallery Print is printed on 260gsm Linen White paper and is supplied in a card-mount frame, ready to display.  This Gallery Print is part of a limited run of 50 copies and will sell out fast so grab yours while you can!

Can’t get enough Tau?

And if that isn’t enough Greater Good for you, the store also has stock of the Tau anthology ‘Shas’o’ which features many short stories of the Tau Empire.  If Apocalyptic battles are more to your taste, we have ‘Damocles’ which chronicles the war between Commander Shadowsun and the allied White Scars and Raven Guard.  ‘Damocles’ also has an accompanying audio book, also available in store, called ‘The Shape of the Hunt’ which follows the White Scars in their search for Shadowsun.  Finally, to round out the Damocles collection, we have a few of the Damocles Art Prints left. With less than 20 copies left, these are the last few of a great gift and collectors piece for fans of White Scars, Raven Guard and Tau alike.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the full range of in-print Black Library books in store, including the exclusive novella ‘Meduson’, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs and art prints. See you soon!