Citadel Store: Seraphon Constellations

Upon your arrival here at Warhammer World, you are welcomed first by the Citadel Store. Featured in this store is the entrance to the jaw-dropping Exhibition, our gaming hall housed in the courtyard of an Empire castle, and exclusive access to products not found anywhere else. It is here you can grab the latest miniatures to add to your collections, as well as buy products that you won’t normally find in your local store. Let’s see what you can look forward to this week…

Tau Commander, XV8 Battlesuits and Drones

Leading fearlessly from the front, these masters of the Code of Fire ensure every warrior does his part for the Greater Good. This warrior wears a variant of the standard XV8 Crisis Suit which is able to mount more systems, an honour given only to the most trusted warriors of the Fire Caste. Never far behind him are teams of XV8 Crisis Teams. Only seasoned veterans are granted the privilege of piloting one of these battlesuits, and as such are examplars of the Tau way of war. These well-decorated heroes are deployed either as standard intervention teams or as bodyguards charged with protecting a single asset, whether that is the Commander or an Ethereal. And where would any of these battlesuits be without Drones? Serving as gun drones, marker drones or shield drones, these hovering machines offer support to Fire Caste warriors in battle.

Codex: Tau Empire

The Tau Empire Codex contains everything you need to build and play with your collection, as well as their history, notable warriors and heroes and their wars of conquest. Not only does it contain the newest entries for the Ghostkeel and Stormsurge kits, but also it contains nine new Formations, Tactical Objectives and a new Detatchment. Also landing today is the stunning Ghostkeel Edition. This collectors edition is limited to only 1500 copies and contains 36 Tactical Objective Cards, six markers and a massive double sided poster contained in a sleek, soft touch case. Don’t miss out on this beautiful collector’s item, drop by today and grab your copy before it’s gone!

Tau Empire Painting Guide: Armies of Expansion

This is the latest edition in our series of painting guides designed to help you achieve fantastic results on your models. Within this 96-page softback book you’ll find two different colour schemes along with step-by-step guides teaching you how to paint your collection. Everything is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format with images to demonstrate techniques and applications, so you can get your armies painted quickly and easily to a fantastic standard!
painting guide

War Zone Damocles: Kauyon and Datacards

Already a hardened Tau collector? This edition not only contains all the new rules from Codex: Tau Empire, but also a new story for both Tau and Space Marine collectors to follow. The Tau have claimed the Imperial world of Prefectia for their Empire, but the Imperium have retaliated, deploying warriors from the White Scars and Raven Guard chapters to reclaim Prefectia. The campaign is detailed in the first book, which is filled to the brim with artwork, maps and thrilling fiction, while the rules are contained in the second book. This gives you eight new missions, the datasheets for the new Tau units, and tons of new gaming content for collectors of the Tau Empire, Raven Guard and White Scars. Accompanying this epic volume are the Datacards for the three listed armies with all the new Warlord Traits and Tactical Objectives found in the War Zone Damocles: Kauyon book.

Next week…

On Saturday 7th November the Seraphon charge into battle. These mystical beings come from beyond the stars. Summoned by the Slann, mighty Carnosaurs and Saurus Warriors tear apart the forces of Chaos. Next week, the entire Seraphon range is unleashed and ready for war, complete with round bases and warscrolls in the boxes. However, if you do want a physical copy of the rules, then we have Battletome: Seraphon available for pre-order today. This vast tome details the Seraphon’s place in the struggle for the Mortal Realms and how they survived the mass exodus from the world-that-was. As always, there is a fantastic limited edition of this Battletome also available to pre-order. In-keeping with the aesthetics of the previous limited edition Battletomes, this edition comes with five art prints along with the gilded battletome in a soft-touch box. These are strictly limited to 1000 prints, so pre-order yours today!

Also available for pre-order are the three Tau Tidewall Components available seperately – the Shieldline, Droneport and Gunrig. These three kits were only previously available in the Tau Tidewall Rampart box, however now you can customise your force’s defenses with these three seperate kits! Why not beat the queues on the 7th November and pre-order yours now?


Also in the Citadel Store we still have tickets available for all of November and December’s events, as well as all of our exclusive merchandise, art prints and Space Marine HQ Command Tanks (perfect for reclaiming the Imperial world of Prefectia from the Tau invaders!). Don’t miss out, why not drop by and grab your place on an exciting event weekend or pick up merchandise to show your allegiance? See you soon!