What’s on in November

Grab a ticket, a mate and your miniatures as November’s events are all about teams of two battling side by side! We also have a new exhibition looking at The Horus Heresy, filling our Special Exhibition space with dramatic miniatures and much more.

We have some changes to service this month, to install our new Special Exhibition, so make sure you check our Service Changes before you visit.

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Armies on Parade: Special Exhibition

Sept 30th – Nov 11th

Massed ranks or a handful of miniatures, Armies on Parade gives proud painters the chance to share a part of their collection – and we’ve got a whole host of displays for you to enjoy!  Entries from previous years, alongside brand new displays – all inspiring and full of ideas you can apply to your own miniatures.

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The War at Life’s End: Doubles Campaign Weekend

November 7th- 8th

Play games against like-minded teams of two in a friendly atmosphere. Unfold the story of a portion of the Realm of Gyhran called Life’s End, and by your actions, and your actions alone, the realm will stand tall and fair, or withered and corrupted.

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The Horus Heresy: Special Exhibition

Nov 14th – Feb 10th

With dramatic armies from both talented members of the public and members of the Forge World studio, displayed alongside evocative art, this is a fantastic chance to explore the start of The Horus Heresy. Popular Forge World displays such as the Calth and Phall battle dioramas will also be on show, so don’t miss this packed exhibition. 

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The Horus Heresy: Doubles Weekend

November 14th- 15th

Horus’ Betrayal has plunged the universe into Civil War. Once trusted allies and brothers now fight each other in a bitter struggle that will echo through the eons. Come with a team-mate and together, have your say in the greatest battle of mankind’s history. 

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Battle Brothers: Warpstorm

November 21st – 22nd

Battle with an ally at your side as your team of two enjoys a Battle Brothers event with a very strong narrative twist. 5 games with a focus on Psychic powers and Psykers with loads of special rules along this theme.  

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If this has whetted your appetite, but you can’t make it to an event in November, look at what we have planned further ahead with our calendar.