Heresy comes to Warhammer World

60010101001_THHBetrayalatCalthENG01The new Horus Heresy boxed game, Betrayal at Calth has gone up for pre-order in store today and it has certainly has got us all excited!

Unless you’ve been stuck in a Warp Rift, you’ll have heard by now about the amazing new boxed game being released on the 14th November. Containing 38 superbly detailed Citadel miniatures, including heroes, troopers and even a contemptor dreadnought, the game contains all you need to recreate the subterranean assault on the Ultramarine held planet, Calth, by the vile and treacherous Word Bearers.

If you haven’t seen what’s in tclick for details buttonhis amazing box set yet, click on the link to the left to see just what you’re missing. This stunning box set truly has to be seen to believed.

Staff members Jack and Dan take a Warhammer World visitor through the Betrayal at Calth box set


Here in the store, we’ve been delving into this incredible box set to really get to grips with what’s inside. We’ve eagerly ripped open a box and laid out all the sprues and components for you to come and see. Why not pop down and have a rummage through the box yourself?

Come and see the miniatures for yourself in-store right now!

Perhaps most exciting of all, we’re lucky enough to have a full set of the glorious miniatures on display in the store itself. Painted by the talented members of the Warhammer World Studio, these expertly painted models are on show in the Citadel Store. Come down and inspect them yourself – they really are works of art!

And if this hasn’t got your hobby juices flowing, then why not pop down on Saturday 14th where we will be running demonstration games of Betrayal at Calth using our fully painted set of miniatures? Come and play through a scenario with us and really get to grips with the brand new game.

With the excitement of Betrayal at Calth, we’re exploring more of The Horus Heresy with a Special Exhibition opening on Saturday 14th and on display until it’s all change on February 11th. That’s a whole three months, so if you can’t join us for Saturday 14th, you’ll have plenty of time to come and admire guest armies, Forge World’s display dioramas, Black Library artwork and information panels created specially for the exhibition.

That’s all for now – we hope to see you throughout the week!

Glory to Ultramar and to the honourable Thirteenth Legion!