Forge World Store: Choose Your Side

The Forge World Store is truly unique, with it being the only one of its kind anywhere in the World, it has cabinets full of beautiful models so you can see just how detailed the kits really are. Make sure you pay us a visit so you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post (or pay for delivery!)

IMG_1086All this talk of Heresy has got us all very excited here in the Forge World Store as Betrayal at Calth has finally hit the shelves.

We often find ourselves getting caught up in discussions on how to make the most of the new boxed set and how to expand it further to make into an awe inspiring army worthy of any Legion.

What better place to start than our very own store, as we carry a wealth of upgrades from Legion Shoulder Pads to Weapons Packs to make your Betrayal At Calth truly unique. In fact if you are an Ultramarine fan why not pick up the new Praetorian and Invictarii Head and Torso packs?

If that was not enough we also have Cabinets full of infantry, tanks and artillery so you can expand your collection. This week we see the much loved Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought make his appearance ready for his release next Friday.


This dreadnought has to be seen to be believed. He is massive. Even towering over the mighty Contemptor Class Dreadnought. The kit comes with an array of options from a choice of torso mounted guns to optional phosphex dischargers. You also have a choice of weapons like the Leviathan Storm Cannon and Siege Drill seen on the one in store. As with the Contemptor this kit is fully articulate so you can create some amazing poses.

Not only do we have all of this, but here in the Forge World store we also have exclusive t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and badges to show your allegiance, as well as art prints and the exclusive Beta Pattern Warlord Titan Head. See you soon!