Black Library Store: Sons of Ultramar

With the only Black Library shop in the world within your grasp, you can add to your collection without having to wait for them to arrive in the post. Featured in this store are books for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy including limited editions, graphic novels, art prints, and more! It is here you can grab hold of all the latest additions for your collections or a special memento of your time here at Warhammer World. Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to…

Legends of the Dark Millenium: Ultramarines

Containing nine short stories by some of Black Library’s biggest names, this impressive 368 page hardback is the perfect gift for the Space Marine fan in your life – or yourself! These tales delve into the rich history and heritage of the sons of Ultramar and follow some of their greatest achievements. This new compilation includes well loved favourites like Gav Thorpe’s Catechism of Hate, featuring the fearless Chaplain Cassius, and Graham McNeill’s Lord of Ultramar, which follows Lord Marneus Calgar himself, as well as a brand new novella by Steve Lyons.

Legends of the Dark Millenium: Ultramarines Art Print

While you’re here, why not pick up the matching art print? Limited to only 75 prints, this brand new piece of art features the stoic Ultramarine from the front cover of the book against a cataclysmic battleground. Make sure you grab yours today – they won’t be around for long!

Sanctus Reach

The newest addition to the Space Marines Battles series, Sanctus Reach chronicles the bloody war that engulfed the Sanctus Reach system and the heroes of the Imperium that gave their lives to protect mankind from the barbaric Orks. This 416 page paperback collects all of the previously published stories about this brutal conflict, fully immersing you in the action. Fans of Imperial Knights, the Astra Militarum, Space Wolves and Orks are going to love this new collection, as the forces of the Imperium face off against the Red Waaagh! of Grukk Facerippa.

Daemon World

BLPROCESSED-daemonworld 2015
A Black Library classic returns to our shelves this week with the reprint of Daemon World. This novel documents the fate of the planet Torvendis, a world within one of the most deadly areas of the galaxy known as the Maelstrom. Now fully under the control of the Dark Gods, the ultimate battle begins as the planet’s dark rulers vie for power and, if that wasn’t enough, the traitorous Word Bearers legion arrives. An ultra-violent epic of maddening scope, Daemon World is a novel you’d be mad to miss!

Silver Skulls: Portents

Originally an eBook, this new paperback follows the Silver Skulls – an Ultramarine successor chapter – as they are thrown against the Traitor Legions. How they work and why they fight is of interest to the Inquisition as they may be being manipulated by the very forces they are sworn to destroy…

Discover the secrets of the Silver Skulls this weekend in this fantastic novel by Sarah Cawkwell. A great read for all Space Marine fans because of the chapter’s unique operation, this novel would make a great stocking filler.


Don’t forget in the Black Library store we also have a great range of special edition novels and novellas, including some that are no longer available on the website like Tallarn: Ironclad. We also have the Warhammer World exclusive novella Meduson in plentiful supply, as well as art prints, hoodies, t-shirts and mugs galore. Why not pop down this weekend and join us? See you soon!