Games Workshop’s 40th Birthday Party!

2nd and 3rd January 2016 at Warhammer World, Nottingham

2015 saw Games Workshop reach its 40th Birthday, and 2016 will see us enter our 41st year – an auspicious number if ever there was one! It may not be our 41st millennium, but it’s still a great excuse for a party!

We’ll celebrate the New Year by looking back at 40 years of fantastic miniatures, whilst also looking forward to our 41st year.

click for details buttonHighlights for the weekend include… amazing pre-release Forge World models, new  t-shirts, classic art prints, gaming area to join in with, Scrap Demon, Birthday quiz, have a go at digital games like Talisman, Xenos, Freeblade … find out more here.

Get your free ticket now – space is limited so please order now to avoid disappointment! Entry to all of Warhammer World will be ticket only on these days, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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It’ll be a weekend of relaxed fun, and hobby celebrations, so get your ticket now for a great day!