Warhammer World Stores: Which Path To Follow?

Black Friday Is Here…

With just an hour to go before our stores open on Black Friday, we thought it would be great to show you some of the great things you can buy here at the Warhammer World Stores.

This week The Eldar in their many forms have descended upon Warhammer World. Not only with Three amazing Black Friday Bundles available to walk away with but also Forge World and Black Library have a heap of stuff to keep you busy on these cold winter nights. But hurry, once the bundles are off the shelves they are gone for good. So make sure you get down here!

Just look at these great value bundles.


This stack of boxes is actually Three of the many many bundles that you can get here today at Warhammer World. The Eldar, Harlequin and Dark Eldar bundles are just a small section of the collections you can buy. We have Bundles to cater for all tastes of miniatures from Chaos Space Marines to Seraphon. Make sure you come and check out our great offers!

SkathachTo join in with these Bundles, Forge World has suitably released the second edition of Imperial Armour:Doom of Mymeara with some awe inspiring new miniatures, Including the Skathach. If you thought a Wraithknight was great, this kit just adds that little bit extra. The one in the picture carries two Inferno Lances, which look like gigantic Fire Pikes popular to the Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors. There is also the Deathshroud Cannon variant which resembles giant Warp Spider death spinners.

We also have the new Corsair Jetbike upgrade kit to personalise your force, not to mention the incredible Shadow Spectre aspect warriors.

EldarBooksAs well as the awesome miniatures from Forge World and Citadel, The Black Library Store has books to cater for all tastes. For example if Eldar are your thing, which they seem to be in this post, check out this collection of novels and audio dramas.

Of course it’s not just Eldar here at Warhammer World. We have miniatures and novels to cater for all tastes. So why not come and tell us what collections you love and why.