February Event Tickets Available Now!

In February your dice rolls count, and your every victory or defeat will make the difference in two dramatic Campaign Weekends!  Event tickets are available now, so get yours and start planning for exciting battles and immersive stories.

Rise of the Seraphon Doubles Campaign Weekend

February 20th – 21st

In Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, blistered, metallic Dreadholds dedicated to the Gods of Chaos now blight the lands. But beyond the stars, hidden from the gaze of the ruinous powers, the Seraphon march to war against Chaos – Now is their time to strike.

Choose your side and fight for the fate of Aqshy in this narrative Campaign Weekend, where your games and your actions decide the next chapter of the story. Fight side by side with your gaming partner in the Realm of Fire as you strive to earn fame and glory in the maelstrom of battle.

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The Hunt for the Fallen Campaign Weekend

February 27th – 28th

The renegade Space Marines known as the Fallen are one of the most mysterious groups in the history of the forty-first millennium. One of the Fallen, a warrior named Seraphax, has been discovered on the planet Bast, where he has installed himself as the governor.

As The Dark Angels launch a shadow crusade to capture him, the hunt begins, and the only question is whether you will choose to be predator or prey…

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Can’t wait until February ? Join us for one of these great upcoming events! Click the pictures to find out more.

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