Warhammer World Stores: The Might of Mars and The Chosen of Chaos.

Warhammer World is definitely the place to be, whether you want to explore the five exhibition halls, waging war across our many gaming tables, or simply looking to get your next miniature to add to your collection. We are the one stop shop for all things Warhammer.

Every week we always have something exciting arrive in our stores, but this week has indeed turned a few heads.


A rare and truly arcane weapon system of staggering power, the Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is one of the smaller classes of Ordinatus, but is nevertheless one of the most potent war machines at the Imperium’s disposal.

Forge World have released a machine that strikes fear into its opponents. This kit is adorned with symbols of the Mechanicum, a trio of Volkite Culverins and includes two servitors who control the massive Ulator class Sonic Destructor. It is a mighty sight to behold.


Keeping on with the Horus Heresy, our Black Library store is the only place you can get the whole collection of the Horus Heresy Hardbacks. Whether you have only just started to learn about the Heresy or already an avid fan, these hardback editions really do make a great addition to your collection.

image3 (2)This is not all from Black Library, we also have another fantastic Age Of Sigmar Audio Drama.


The quest to find the Nine Gates that lead to the underworlds of Shyish and an audience with Nagash continues… Tarsus of the Hallowed Knights leads his Stormcast Eternals into the unearthly city of Helstone. Their enigmatic guide, Mannfred von Carstein, assures them that what they need to find his necromantic master lies within its halls, but there is more than darkness lurking in the ruins. Chaos has already taken root and a reckoning against the servants of the Plague God awaits.

To keep you busy as you listen, the Citadel store has some new Age of Sigmar goodies.


The champions of the Ruinous Powers are powerful indeed, but all pale in comparison to one: Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse. Riding his roaring daemonic steed Dorghar, he utterly dominates all who oppose him using the combined strength of the Dark Gods; at the command of his will, the forces of Chaos are united and sent out as a vast, swarming army to rend and destroy. The Varanguard, dread champions of darkness, ride out in a tide of crushing iron, annihilating their master’s enemies, while the Gaunt Summoners, bound to Archaon through his patient sorcery, plan the doom of entire civilisations through fell magick.

What a colossal tome this is. We actually could not believe how much content was in it, from the markers of the Everchosen to the fully illustrated tale of Archaon’s battle with Sigmar. What a great Battletome to add to any collection.

image1 (6)These are just some of the great things we have here in Warhammer World. Make sure you come and visit us so we can help you enhance your collection with our expert guidance.

See you soon!


We get carried away with Weapons of the Horus Heresy.