Warhammer World Stores: The Changer of Ways

The last weekend before Christmas is upon us and as always the Warhammer World Staff are fighting tooth and nail to make sure we have everything you could possibly want when you make your visit. With three stores packed full, we are the one stop shop for all things Warhammer.

GauntA Gaunt Summoner Approaches

Powerful daemon sorcerers from the Realm of Chaos, the Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch have joined the Everchosen’s grand army.

James is our avid follower of Tzeentch and is changing all colours from pink to blue to get his hands on this beautiful plastic kit. And knowing James it will be painted by Sunday.

CallofArchaonHeed the Call of Archaon

Book four of The Realmgate Wars pits the followers of Chaos in a series of trials to prove themselves worthy to join Archaon’s Varanguard.

I am a very serious fan of The Realmgate Wars series and after getting the Limited Edition of the previous three (Which you can pick up yourself in our Black Library Store), I cannot wait to read more about the Archaon himself and what fate belies the Mortal Realms.


SonsA Picture says a Thousand Sons

The Fifteenth Legion, commonly known as the Thousand Sons grace us with their majesty this week. Finally unleashed into the fires of battle, the sons of Magnus the Red are given five beautiful new upgrade kits to fully adorn and customise your legion.

Along with the Thousand Sons packs we now have a plethora of weaponry to adorn your marines. Just come and check out our armoury in store so we can kit you out for war.

I know many of you have been waiting for these so make sure you come down to Warhammer World and see our staff in the Forge World store so we can supply you with plenty of holiday hobby.

BrothersWith all these exciting products released this weekend, why not bring your fellow Battle Brother down and introduce them the our Worlds Of Warhammer. This is a great opportunity to get your friends started into a fantastic hobby and can also get both you and your Battle Brother a £10 voucher if they buy a starter set.

On a final note, make sure you check out our event page here on the site as we have a whole heap of events over the Holidays that you may be interested in attending.

Have a great Christmas and we will see you on the 27th with all your new miniatures!