Exciting Events for March!

Two great events for March are now announced!

Have a look in more detail, start planning, and make sure you ‘re ready to get your tickets when they come available from 8.00amo n January 4th.

The Trials of the Everchosen

5th – 6th March

This event is styled after the mighty feats and near-impossible tasks that heroes of any age must succeed at in order to create a legend of their own, or fulfill their destiny. Slaying a rampaging beast, defending a village, striking down a sorcerer before he completes his ritual – these are just some of the battles that you will be fighting at the Trials of the Everchosen. click for details button

Throne of Skulls: Carnage

12th – 13th March

As Khorne declares that the 41st Millennium shall host the beginning of a new era of killing, you’ll be presented with a unique set of Tactical Objectives with which to play games of Warhammer 40,000 Maelstrom of War missions. This set of Tactical Objectives focus on one simple area – the destruction of the enemy army, in both deadly and also amusing ways.click for details button