March Event Tickets Available Now

Create legends as you tackle mighty tasks to see your hero (or villain) rise to their destiny, as Khorne revels in blood and you throw your army into reckless slaughter, and as five armies converge upon Erebor. Event tickets are available now, so get yours and start planning for exciting battles and memorable stories.

The Trials of the Everchosen

5th – 6th March

Archaon, now the one true champion of the Chaos Gods, commands the infinite legions of chaos. But his rise to power was neither swift, nor without trials that would kill or damn a lesser man. 

This event is styled after the mighty feats and near-impossible tasks that heroes of any age must succeed at in order to create a legend of their own, or fulfill their destiny. Slaying a rampaging beast, defending a village, striking down a sorcerer before he completes his ritual – these are just some of the battles that you will be fighting at the Trials of the Everchosen. 

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Throne of Skulls: Carnage

12th – 13th March

Khorne presides with grim satisfaction over the bloody wars that have dominated the landscape of the 41st Millenium. Tyranids harvest whole planets of life, Necrons atomise their enemies with and human beings are used as playing pieces by Imperial Nobles and Astra Militarum Officers alike. He has declared to his Heralds that this, his greatest arena, shall host a new era of killing. 

You will presented with a unique set of Tactical Objectives with which to play games of Warhammer 40,000 Maelstrom of War missions. This set of Tactical Objectives focus on one simple area – the destruction of the enemy army, in both deadly and also amusing ways. 

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And in April, but with tickets available now:

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies™ Throne of Skulls

2nd – 3rd April

Thorin’s Company have finally reached The Lonely Mountain, but reckless haste has led them to rouse mighty Smaug™ from his slumber. Yet the dragon is but one of many perils that Thorin Oakenshield™ and his kinsmen now face, as five armies of friends and foes alike converge upon Erebor, each seeking a claim to the long-lost treasures of the Dwarves… 

In this Throne of Skulls event, re-live the epic clashes throughout Middle-earth at the time of the Battle of the Five Armies. Play 7 games of  The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies™, meet other members of the Middle-earth community and secure your place in legend.  

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Can’t wait until March? Join us for one of these great upcoming events! Click the pictures to find out more.

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