Warhammer World Stores: A New Year, A New Army


Happy New Year! Warhammer World is your one stop shop for all things Warhammer. With three stores dedicated to Citadel, Forge World and Black Library, there is something for everyone here. Let us not forget Bugman’s Bar which has a fantastic new menu and the 5 Exhibition Halls. You would be as daft as a Night Goblin on Fungus Brew not to visit and be truly blown away.

Citadel Store: New Year New Army

Could this be a new Age of Sigmar force for Lee?
Could this be the start of a new Age of Sigmar force for Lee?

It is that time of the year where Resolutions come and go, (I think I have already broken several) but one thing is for certain it’s New Year New Army time! What kind of phrase would that be without some astounding box sets to get you started.

With Twelve boxes (6 for Warhammer 40000 and 6 for Age of Sigmar) there is some serious choice involved. Each one of these boxes is great value, all priced at £50, they even come with an exclusive Warscroll or Dataslate.

These boxes are really amazing. So amazing that the Staff in the Warhammer World Stores, as well as staff from the Studio Team (the masterminds behind our beautiful Exhibition Centre) cannot wait to get stuck into them. In fact we are that excited we set ourselves a deadline to fully build and paint our Getting Started Box.

Watch this space as we will be showcasing these here soon!

Black Library Store: Vow of Faith, Ravenlord

The Parchment is adorned with Scripture

James Swallow has once again used his Wordsmith Voodoo to create another chapter for the first Knight Errant, Nathaniel Garro.

Vow of Faith brings us round full circle as Garro abandons his duty to search for the woman who once saved his life, the living saint Euphrati Keeler.

This book is gorgeous. The novella has a cover that looks and feels like parchment and eight pages of never before seen artwork all in a numbered Limited Edition. Anyone who has heard and loved the Audio Books of Garro will need to add this to their collection.

RavenlordRavenlord. Corax’s mistakes come back to haunt him. The story of the Raptors – the mutated Raven Guard the primarch created in Deliverance Lost – is far from over, and this is another step towards its conclusion. A great story that expands upon Corvus Corax and his fight to regain his shattered Legion. Also quite a nice tie in with next weeks Forge World release.


Forge World Store: The Eagle Ensnared

XanaHere at Warhammer World we have a host of exclusive merchandise from Pin Badges, Mugs to T-Shirts and Hoodies. This week Forge World have had two new additions to their apparel in the form of The Eagle Ensnared and Xana. These T Shirts have two great images, showing the Dark Mechanicum under the guise of Arch Magos Draykovac and The Imperial Aquila ensnared by a Serpent. How Cool Are These?

Next Week…