Last Chance: The Horus Heresy Special Exhibition

The Horus Heresy Special Exhibition (31)Our most popular Special Exhibition yet ends on February 10th, so you only have a few weeks to come and see it for yourself, or make a return trip to soak up all of the details.

The Horus Heresy Special Exhibition covers the early events of the monumental civil war, and explores all of the known Legions, plus some of the Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum, Titan Legions and Knightly Houses. With two dioramas, miniatures from over 20 talented painters and in depth panels exploring the Legions and key moments, its a feast for the eyes and a fantastic way to find out more about the apocalyptic event.

click for details buttonEntry to the Special Exhibition is included in your exhibition ticket, and you can visit as many times as you like on the day of your ticket’s purchase. It really does need visiting more than once!

Here are some shots of the Special Exhibition to whet your appetite, and you can see more photos to our Facebook gallery here.

The Special Exhibition is closed February 11th and 12th, but join us on Saturday 13th February for a brand new exhibition; celebrating the passion of collectors and sharing their beautiful miniatures with you.