Warhammer World Stores: In Shadow and Flame

Warhammer World is the place to be, with five extensive exhibition halls all packed with exciting battlescapes and display cabinets, to the three stores equipped with everything to fulfil your hobby needs. We are the one stop shop for all things Warhammer.

Citadel Store: Forged In Flame and War.

IMG_1470 (1)The warriors of Grimnir live on.  This week the Fyreslayers have marched into the Citadel store with three fantastic new kits. The Hearthguard and Vulkite Berserkers lead by the Auric Runemaster. These new models have so much detail, from a choice of weaponry (The Bladed Slingshields on the Vulkites are awesome) to the actual Fyreslayers themselves having ur-gold runes embedded into their skin. I can see these being insanely popular.Come down to check them out in our store now.


Forgeworld Store: The Unkindness of Ravens

Corax2Descending on the enemy with murderous fury, Corvus Corax enters the battle supported by Dark Fury Assault Squads.

That’s right Corvus Corax,  Primarch of the Nineteenth Legion, The Raven Guard, has descended upon wings of fury to bring revenge to his broken Legion.

What a gorgeous model. Having slowly painted my way through the Horus Heresy Character Series, this is the model I have been waiting for. Just look at those wings, the momentum of him descending upon an unsuspecting traitor, he is stunning.

Along with Corax we have his personal guard, the Dark Fury Assault Squad. Executioners of the Raven Guard they strike unseen upon metallic wings. This kit includes 5 Dark Fury’s all equipped with vicious lightning claws. A must have for any space marine fan.

Black Library Store: Predator Prey

beast-arises-predator-and-prey-mp3The thrilling second instalment in the new Beast Arises series has hit our shelves. Continuing the story of the devastating Ork threat to the Imperium in the 31st Millenium. Even the Chapters of the Space Marines might not be enough to stop the WAAAGH!

Also this week we have the long awaited finale of the Realmgate Wars audio series, The Bridge of Seven Sorrows, which follows Tarsus and his Hallowed Knights in the Realm of Death on their search for Nagash.

Speaking of Nagash we also have Lord of the Dead. This combines The End Times stories Return of Nagash and the Fall Of Altdorf, which detail the beginning of the End….Times.

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