Warhammer World Stores: On Scorching Steeds

Upon your arrival here at Warhammer World, you are welcomed first by the Citadel Store. Featured in this store is the entrance to the jaw-dropping Exhibition, our gaming hall housed in the courtyard of an Empire castle, and exclusive access to products not found anywhere else. It is here you can grab the latest miniatures to add to your collections, as well as buy products that you won’t normally find in your local store. Let’s see what you can look forward to this week…

Citadel Store: A Warrior Kinband

UrgoldThe Fyreslayers continue their war march accompanied by the colossal Magamadroth, huge reptilian beasts tamed and controlled by the iron will of the Fyreslayers.

This week we see the release of this new beast. This kit is fantastic, it has so many options including mounting either an Auric Runeson or Runesmiter on top.

To accompany the Magmadroth there is also Battletome: Fyreslayers. This contains a wealth of background information and stories about the Fyreslayers and their lodges, including history, organisation and important characters.

As you can see Chris from our Citadel store is very happy to add these to his collection. He’s not far off being a true Fyreslayer!

Black Library Store: The Horus Heresy Cover Art

CoverartThis is one amazing book. For everyone who loves the Horus Heresy comes The Cover Art Collection. Strictly Limited to 1000 Copies worldwide, The Black Library Store has been blessed to have a few copies in. This book contains more than 75 Covers from The Horus Heresy, all created by the artistic genius of Neil Roberts. Make sure you come down and get your copy as they are selling fast!


Forge World Store: Lavish Adornment

99510105009_SolarAuxiliaTransferSheet01Five new Transfer sheets have hit our shelves. They have to be seen to be believed. They are full colour and highly detailed, each one contains banner transfers so you can quickly show your allegiance. We have all the new Transfer packs in store including: Solar Auxilia, Death Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders and the new Knight Transfer House Makabius. Come down and check these out and see the detail for yourself.

We also carry a huge range of Etched Brass sheets including the new Night Lords Etched Brass.

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