Make 2016 your year for Warhammer World

As the shine of anew year has probably worn off, something fantastic to look forward to is a great idea. So why not plan now and make 2016 your year to visit Warhammer World?

If you’ve never been to our hallowed halls, our redevelopment in 2015 means it’s the perfect time for a memorable first visit.  If you visited before the changes, there’s plenty more to see – Two whole new shops and four whole extra rooms of miniatures! If you visited after the changes, then come back! We’ve updating and added exciting new dioramas, new miniatures and new gaming tables.

So find out What’s At Warhammer World, and then, How to Plan Your Visit.

What’s at Warhammer World?

Amazing Dioramas

Warhammer-World-large-diorama landscapeThe Exhibition Centre’s dioramas are an unforgettable experience. See Primarchs locked in fierce duel, and be awed at the room filling Battle for Angelus Prime. click for details button 

Inspiring Miniaturesexhibition centre horus heresy miniatures

Start with some nostalgia from the early days of Games Workshop, then pass through 5 rooms admiring up close the intricately painted miniatures you’ve seen on the printed for details button

Special Gaming Tables

gaming table fort age of sigmarHave a battle like no other in our evocative castle gaming hall. From the same team who create our dioramas, the feature tables are the best backdrop your miniatures could for details button

Unique Shopping

Have everything Games Workshop at your fingertips, with the world’s only Black Library and Forge World stores, as well as a our Citadel store and exclusive Warhammer World only items.
click for details button 

Fantastic Food

A quick drink and snack, a full filling meal, or time spent relaxing over a slow drink – be it a coffee or a beer – Bugman’s Bar is often described as an unexpected delight by our visitors.
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Great Events

Join in a free one day event, take part in a full weekend of gaming, meet some of the minds behind your favourite creations… we have all manner of welcoming events for you to try.
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How to Plan Your Visit

The best way to start planning your visit is to check our calendar for events and any changes to service such as closing early. From checking the calendar you can decide to get tickets for an event, visit when we’re busier, visit when we’re quieter, visit a new Special Exhibition… If you want to plan further out, we may not be able to reveal what events we have planned, but can help you pick a time to suit your plans.

To get into the details, like our opening hours, lift access and public transport, just see the links below, and we’ll see you later in 2016 for your Warhammer World experience!