Blood Bowl comes back to Warhammer World!

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21st – 22nd May 2016

Warhammer World, Nottingham

humanWe are proud to announce the return of Blood Bowl to Warhammer World in the form of the XXXXXX League Cup, sponsored by Bugman’s Bar. Ahead of you lies a weekend of fantasy sports action, where you will pit your team against like minded Blood Bowl fans in an effort to be crowned the Bugmans Champion and lift the mighty XXXXXX League Cup.

As usual with our events, there will be a number of prizes on offer for various aspects of the hobby, from painting individual models and whole teams, to specific in-game achievements (such as most Touchdowns, Most Interceptions, etc),  sportsmanship, and of course, the XXXXXX League Cup itself.

Whether you’re new to the game or you’re a veteran of a thousand matches, The XXXXXX League Cup is a great excuse to spend a few days playing Blood Bowl in the unique environment of Warhammer World, while enjoying the hospitality of famous brew-master Josef Bugman.

click for details buttonMake sure you grab a ticket when these come out… they are going to fly faster than a goblin being chucked by a troll! Click the link on the right for more details about the event right now!