Warhammer World Stores: The Curse of The Wulfen

Warhammer World is the epitome of all things Warhammer. We have three stores covering Citadel, Black Library and Forge world, our famous Bugman’s Bar and our glorious exhibition hall which is spread out over 5 rooms. You would be a rampaging Cave Squig not to visit.

This week we see the return of a long lost company.

Citadel Store: The War on Fenris


The Wulfen are the fated thirteenth company of the Space Wolves. For ten millennia their fate has been a mystery but as strange Warp storms roar into being across the Imperium, the truth of the Wulfenkind is about to be dramatically revealed.

Curse of the Wulfen is a new campaign for Warhammer 40000, full of explosive narrative, exclusive scenarios and a whole load of tasty new Artwork. Can the Space Wolves save their long lost brothers?

With it we have the beautiful Limited Edition of Curse of the Wulfen. A fantastic limited edition of 1,250, presented in a bespoke gatefold box with soft touch cover and debossed gold foil, this is for the true Space Wolves fanatics!

What good is a book exploring the mutated Space Wolf brothers without any miniatures to accompany it? So grab yourself a box or 13 of these astounding new miniatures. Each Wulfen model is full of movement, as any half crazed Wulfenkind should be, the kit has a variety of options for each model, from Stormfrag Launchers to Frost Claws, which gives you the freedom to make them truly savage in appearance.

Black Library Store: The Curse Continues.


We can’t let Citadel have all the fun with the Space Wolves and the war around Fenris now can we? Our Black Library store has been kitted out with a sizable series of Novels and Graphic Novels to sate your hunger.

Each of these releases covers more tales from the Space Wolves chapter and their notable heroes, from the ancient Dreadnought, Bjorn the Fellhanded, to Krom Dragongaze, a youthful Wolf Lord whose actions take him from Tau-held worlds, to the Fighting Pits of the Dark Eldar and even into the Eye of Terra itself. Come in store to find out more…



Forge World Store: Skaarac The Bloodborn.


Age of Sigmar gets a stunning new release from Forge World this week in the form of the Great Khorgorath Skaarac the Bloodborn.

A creature of endless hate and unstoppable savagery, Skaarac the Bloodborn is a beast of venerated legend among the devoted of Khorne.

I won’t lie, this model is a bit of a beast. He stands toe to toe with Glottkin. An amazing release for Age of Sigmar. He is covered in details including broken horns and skulls embedded into his skin. A must for anyone who loves a painting challenge.


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