Warhammer World Stores: Suffer Not The Alien To Live.

Warhammer World is your one stop shop for all things Warhammer. With three stores dedicated to Citadel, Forge World and Black Library, there is something for everyone here. Let us not forget Bugman’s Bar which has a fantastic new menu and the 5 Exhibition Halls. Make sure you come by this week as the Genestealer Cults have invaded.

Forge World Store: Domitar Battle Automata

IMG_1701The Domitar Class Battle-automata was a sophisticated variant of the ancient Conqueror pattern. Larger than the more common Castellax alongside which it would serve, the Domitar was also swifter, designed to cross the open battlefield at speed, and built expressly to crash into the enemy with shattering force.



Black Library Store: The Dying of the Light

image2 (7)Long-running plot threads tie together in a new full-length Horus Heresy novel. Roboute Guilliman’s new Imperium faces its first test as the Night Lords, scattered after the events of Prince of Crows, attack in force. And of course, Curze is still around… the scene with him and Sanguinius facing one another is a Heresy fan’s dream come true.


Citadel Store: Deathwatch Overkill

image1 (11)Deathwatch Overkill is an exciting boxed game for two players, detailing the exploits of Kill Team Cassius as they attempt to cleanse the mining planet Ghosar Quintus of an alien threat – a Genestealer Cult. A game of fast-paced, tactical combat spread over nine scenarios with linked victory conditions and benefits, it includes 50 high-quality plastic Citadel miniatures.

This game has to be seen to be believed. We have our own copy of this astonishing game for you to try out in the Citadel Store, as well as every miniature on display in our cabinet so you can truly take in the fantastic detail on these never before seen miniatures.

Deathwatch Overkill is available to Pre-Order now, so come down and secure your copy ready for next weeks big release.

Next Week:

We take a closer look at the purging of Ghosar Quintus…