What’s on in March

Warhammer World in March welcomes you to two gaming weekends, two open gaming weekends for your own battles, and two free one day gaming events! Of course, you don’t have to game while here, as you can also enjoy the Citadel, Forge World and Black Library stores, and experience the Exhibition Centre.

Make sure before you visit you check for any changes to service, such as early closing, or Easter weekend, which may impact on your visit. Find out more here.

Warhammer Collections: Special Exhibition

13th February – 26th April

Pry into the amazing miniature collections of talented hobbyists, as they share their miniatures, motivations and advice. Be it the guns and blades of Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy, or the swords and claws of Warhammer and Age of Sigmar, no two collections are the same.

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The Trials of the Everchosen

5th – 6th March

This event is styled after the mighty feats and near-impossible tasks that heroes of any age must succeed at in order to create a legend of their own, or fulfill their destiny. Slaying a rampaging beast, defending a village, striking down a sorcerer before he completes his ritual – these are just some of the battles that you will be fighting at the Trials of the Everchosen. 

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Throne of Skulls: Carnage

12th – 13th March

Presented with a unique set of Tactical Objectives, you’ll play exciting games of Warhammer 40,000 using the Maelstrom of War missions. This set of Tactical Objectives focus on one simple area – the destruction of the enemy army, in both deadly and also amusing ways. 

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Open Gaming

19th – 20th March & 26th March

Gather your mates and miniatures, make sure you’ve reserved a gaming table, and come make the most of our specially built gaming tables for a battle to remember. With no events taking place on these days, there are plenty of tables to pick from – but they’re starting to get booked up, so get in touch to reserve yours now!

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Meatgrinder Gaming Event – Free

25th March

In this free  event, re-live horrendous wars of attrition as you deploy wave after wave of troops in 3 great games against the enemy in the hope of breaking them. Have you got what it takes to send your warriors into the War of Attrition and survive the Meatgrinder?

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The Call of Gold Gaming Event – Free

28th March

Gather your army to your banner and march forth upon the Mortal Realms once more in this fantastic free event. Using a specially written battleplan, wage war on foul monsters, dangerous sorcerers, and more besides as you strive to find the gold and win the day. 

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If this has whetted your appetite, but you can’t visit us in March, look ahead at what we have planned to the end of May with our calendar, and start planning something to look forward to now!