New Gaming Table Revealed

shrine world gaming table (16)The Warhammer World Studio have been working hard on a stunning new feature table for our Events Hall, which went out for gamers to start battling over on Friday.

Find out more about it below, and get your game booked on it now via our Table Request Form found Here.

Named Shrine World Boralis IV, the table is 6×4 is for games of Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy, and full of shimmering golden detailed buildings, reflecting the glory of the Imperium.

As you can see below, a key feature of the table is the statue lined processional way leading to a raised area – the monument here is perfect as an objective.

Like any battlezone, the buildings are battle damaged, so you can find plenty of cover, height and hidey holes for your miniatures atop the roofs and inside the ruins.

Shrine World Boralis IV is one of ten incredibly detailed feature tables available for you to use, for free, in our events hall, as well as almost 50 other gaming tables. Check them out and request a table up to three months in advance here.