Last Chance: Warhammer Collections Special Exhibition

Warhammer World’s current Special Exhibition, Warhammer Collections, is coming to an end soon, the last day to visit is April 26th!

It’s your chance to pry into the amazing collected miniatures of talented hobbyists, as they share their miniatures, motivations and advice. Visitors have loved the experience of seeing miniatures painted by “normal” hobbyists, an impressive display after the professionally painted miniatures of the main exhibition displays.

See these great collections, and discover the thoughts and emotions behind them, before they return to their painters once again.

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“I started with just a squad of Incubi however the collection quickly grew and spiralled out of control!”
“I think I’ll always be painting Tyranids. There are so many Tyranid kits I still want to paint.”

On show: Feb 13th – April 26th
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

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Chapters of the Space Marines.
On show: April 30th – July 19th