What’s on in May

Enjoy Warhammer World in May with a new Special Exhibition, very rare book signing by Dan Abnett, gaming events and Bank Holiday days off!

Make sure before you visit you check for any changes to service, which may impact on your visit. Find out more here.

Chapters of the Space Marines

Now – 19th July

Glimpse some of the myriad Space Marine Chapters in this newly opened Special Exhibition, discover why certain Chapters appeal to certain hobbyists, and get up close to their beloved miniatures.

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July Event Tickets Available!

3rd May

Get your tickets for Throne of Skulls: The Deadwalkers, Battle Brothers: Overkill! and Throne of Skulls: The Horus Heresy – with tickets for the Forge World Open Day coming soon after they go on sale at Warhammer Fest.

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Dan Abnett Book Signing

7th May

Author of a great many beloved Black Library novels, such as the Eisenhorn trilogy and Gaunt’s Ghosts series, Dan will be here in the world’s only Black Library book store chatting and signing your Black Library books.

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Open Gaming

7th & 8th, 14th & 15 May

With no gaming events at Warhammer World on these days, there are plenty of tables available to reserve! Gather your mates and miniatures, make sure you’ve reserved a gaming table, and have a battle to remember. We expect to be busy on the 14th and 15th, as people visit both Warhammer Fest and Warhammer World, so book now!

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The Bugman’s XXXXXX League Cup

21st – 22nd May

Warhammer World opens it’s doors to the 2016 XXXXXX League Cup, sponsored by Bugman’s Bar. Experience the thrills and spills of a Blood Bowl event and enjoy the famous hospitality of Josef Bugman himself.

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Campaign Weekend: The Reign of Blood

28th – 29th May

Skarbrand the Bloodthirster was summoned by a foolish cult and his fury has drowned a whole planet in blood. Khorne has taken heed and breathed fresh fury into his once mighty champion. What will follow is set to wipe out entire sectors of the galaxy before it is over.

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Spring Bank Holiday

30th May

An extra day to do as you like on May 30th means extra gaming, time to browse the stores here and relaxed time to experience the Exhibitions. Book a gaming table if you want to battle, or just come and enjoy!

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If this has whetted your appetite, but you can’t visit us in May, look ahead at what we have planned to the end of July with our calendar, and start planning something to look forward to now!