Warhammer World Stores: Labyrinth of the Lost

Warhammer World is an amazing place to visit. We have Three unique stores where you can purchase the very latest releases, our grand Exhibition halls full of stunning displays that will really get you geared up for your latest project, and of course our world famous Bugman’s Bar so you can sit down and relax on our sofas with a drink and one of our stunning meals from our Menu. Let us take a look at this weeks releases.

Forge World Open Day 2016

Thinking of coming to Warhammer World in July? Then take a look at this amazing day!

Come to this year’s Forge World Open day on Sunday 17th July at Warhammer World, and get the ultimate Forge World experience.

Not only will you be able to pick up exclusive models and merchandise, but also be the first to get hold of new Forge World products.

You will have the chance to chat with the creative geniuses behind our amazing miniatures and books, along with special guest appearances from the writers and designers behind Bloodbowl and our Middle Earth range. You can pick their brains and find out what they are working on right now, and maybe get a few sneak peeks into what’s coming in the future.

At the Open Day you can also take part in some epic Forge World games, reach for glory in the Forge World painting competition, and take the chance to win a Titan in our world famous Titan raffle.

Tickets for the Forge World Open Day often sell out fast, so get yours from us this weekend before they’re gone!. Trust me for £12.50 which includes access to our world famous Exhibition Halls you can’t miss it.

Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower


Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a stunning boxed game for 2-4 players, set in the shifting, labyrinthine lair of a sinister Gaunt Summoner! Work with your friends to conquer the secrets of the Silver Tower, or take the glory for yourself – characters carry over the skills and treasures they have earned in previous games. The 13 double-sided board tiles mean no two adventures need be the same; a roll of the dice can send your adventurers off on wild tangents, with literally thousands of different dungeon-crawl combinations.

labyrinth-of-the-lostThis game is truly fantastic. The miniatures are just stunning (there are 51 miniatures in this game) and the rules are so easy to pick up that soon you will be venturing deep into the Gaunt Summoner’s Silver Tower for your very own.

Along with the boxed game Black Library have graced us with a classic adventure tale. This tie-in novel follows a small band of champions fighting for survival in the twisting, labyrinthine realm of the Gaunt Summoner. Will they escape the Silver Tower with their sanity, their souls… or even their lives?

Make sure you visit us at Warhammer World this weekend to have your first chance to get your hands on this brilliant new boxed game and pick up those all important Forge World Open Day Tickets.

See you there!