Sneak Peek: Chapters of the Space Marines

The ranks of the Adeptus Astartes have marched into our Special Exhibition to show off the glory of their many Chapters, and you still have time to plan a visit to see them for yourself.

Get a sneaky look at some of the displays in the slideshow below, and visit in person to discover why these Chapters appeal to the hobbyists behind them, and see even more on display.

On show: April 30th – July 19th
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

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  • See inspiring collections of miniatures, from the First Founding to the self-created Chapter, all painted by dedicated Space Marine fans from around Games Workshop.
  • Admire the art that brings life into the miniatures and shows the Space Marines in action.
  • Painting from the page to the miniature – We asked people to pick and paint one of the 100’s of different Chapter colours created for the Space Marines, resulting in a display of single figures including some of the obscure, the popular and the complex.

Of course, visiting the Special Exhibition also means you get to enjoy all of the miniatures and dioramas in the Exhibition Centre, as many times as you like on the day your Exhibition ticket is valid.