What’s on in June

A massive new diorama to be inspired by, gaming events for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, two weekends with plenty of casual gaming opportunities, and the continuing Special Exhibition if you’re yet to experience it!  June will be a fantastic month at Warhammer World!

Make sure before you visit you check for any changes to service, which may impact on your visit. Find out more here.

Chapters of the Space Marines

Now – 19th July

Glimpse some of the many and varied Space Marine Chapters in this Special Exhibition, discover why certain Chapters appeal to the hobbyists behind them, and get up close to their beloved miniatures.

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Open Gaming

4th & 5th June

You can usually have your own battles during our events, but with no events at Warhammer World this weekend, there are LOTS of tables available to reserve! Make sure you’ve reserved a gaming table, and have a battle to remember.

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August Event Tickets Available!

6th June

Get your tickets for August events such as the Investigation on Glomus Campaign Weekend: and get them fast as Campaign Weekends are always popular and tickets sometimes sell out!

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Doubles Weekend: The Ruins of Elixia

11th – 12th June

Join with your ally and march to war as you look to clear the ruined city. Earn Laurels of Victory and glory as you strive to claim Elixia as yours.  

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Warhammer Exhibition Room Closed – New Diorama!

13th – 17th June – Re-opens 18th

To install a new display, the Warhammer Exhibition room will be CLOSED. Exhibition introduction, Areas 2, 3, 4 and Special Exhibition will be available to enjoy as usual.  Visit the new 12 foot by 8 foot diorama on June 18th. 

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Open Gaming

18th & 19th June

Your own battles are always welcome at Warhammer World (on about 360 days of the year!)  and there are LOTS of tables to reserve this weekend, as there is no gaming event! Reserve your table now, and start planning for a battle to remember.

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Throne of Skulls: Supremacy

25th – 26th June 

Spend the weekend locking horns with like minded Warhammer 40,000 players, using the new Supremacy Tactical Objective cards. Enjoy 5 great games in the unique atmosphere of the Warhammer World Gaming Hall.

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If you’re excited, but sadly can’t visit us in June, have look ahead at what we have planned to the end of August with our calendar, and start planning something to look forward to now!