Warhammer World Stores: The Battle Beneath the Living Sun.

Warhammer World is an amazing place to visit. We have Three unique stores where you can purchase the very latest releases, our grand Exhibition halls full of stunning displays that will really get you geared up for your latest project, and of course our world famous Bugman’s Bar so you can sit down and relax on our sofas with a drink and one of our stunning meals from our Menu.

Citadel Store: Ironwarp Citadel

IMG_2285We spoke a bit about this last week but after a week of waiting Lost Patrol is finally here. Some of you may remember this game when it originally came out many moons ago but now it has been reborn in a new, updated edition. This game is a challenge and no mistake, let us hope the dice gods are on your side. Get down this weekend to pick up your very own copy of Lost Patrol.

While you are here you may have heard that our exhibition centre has had a brand new Age of Sigmar display, along with this astounding new display (You need to see it to believe it) comes a brand new exclusive book for our Warhammer World store, The Realmgate Wars: Ironwarp Citadel.

This book details the thrilling story behind the new Ironwarp Citadel exhibition. You will also find behind the scenes articles looking at the construction of this incredible diorama, a brand new story that tells the heroic tale of the Runesons who dared stand against Archaon, and those who aided them in their plight. Finally you will find Time of War rules, battleplans and warscroll battalions that enable you to recreate this monstrous clash with your very own collection.

I cannot get over the size of this display and you honestly need to see it to believe it. Make sure you come down this weekend and be one of the first to see our glorious new exhibition and pick up Ironwarp Citadel for your very own.

Forge World Store: Crusade Imperialis

IMG_2281 (1)We have been blessed by the powers of Forge World this week as we have a seriously great selection of new releases.

First of all we have brand new Legion Dice. Four legions are currently available here in store (Sons of Horus, Emperor’s Children, Death Guard and Alpha Legion). Alongside the dice we have two updated transfer packs for both Sons of Horus and World Eaters. We have also added four new T-shirts for you to purchase here in store (Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Iron Warriors and Space Wolves) all of which are new designs and they look fantastic.

We also have a fantastic new book available to pre order here in store, The Horus Heresy Crusade Imperialis: Army Lists. This book collects together updated rules for three complete armies fighting in the nightmarish wars of The Horus Heresy, both Loyalist and Traitor. It includes the Solar Auxilia Crusade Army List; the Questoris Knights Crusade Army List; and the Imperialis Militia & Cults Army List.

A great book if you already have one of these armies, thinking about starting these armies or just want to add to your ever growing collection of Forge World Books.

Black Library Store: Guy Haley is Here.

IMG_2283That’s right, Guy Haley, the wordsmith himself will be here from 10am until 12 midday to sign books and chat about his work. Be sure to come on down and get the chance to chat to the man behind some of Black Library’s greats, Death of Integrity, The Beast Arises: Throneworld, Valedor and of course The Horus Heresy novel Pharos.

Warhammer World is an astounding place to be with heaps of things to see and do, be sure to come down and have a chat with our staff to see what we have to offer.



Next Week:

Black Library Store will have limited quantities of the new Horus Heresy Angels of Caliban in store, all of which are signed exclusively for us by the Grand Master himself Gav Thorpe.